Bus driver, father, husband (more than once) taxi owner, swan lover,
helicopter pilot, West Ham supporter, racing driver, writer, friend of Candice Cannes, beard trimmer,
entrepreneur and that bloke off the Telly. A man who was once President of
the Gateaux Hurling Society.

Positively Happy


Positively Happy – join the revolution!

Noel Edmonds is proud to launch a family of totally free radio stations combining uplifting, motivational and inspirational thoughts with the finest music. The first two are ‘Positively Happy’ and ‘Positively Tranquil’ and you can start to make them part of your new positive lifestyle here and now! No sponsors, ads or fees. No news, weather or travel. We are “Happy to be Free”

“All of our Positively radio stations have no negative news, no boring DJs and no commercials. We aim to entertain and inspire with great music and wise words for a more positive lifestyle.”

Positively Sleepy, Positively Meditation and Positively Zen are coming soon.

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